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Brewing and Distilling Knoxville

Brewing & Distilling Knoxville | Dr. Todd White Jan 16th

Brewing and Distilling in Knoxville

I have it on good authority Dr. Todd White is the President and founder of the Brewing and Distilling center in Knoxville and is also a professor at South College.   He teaches people to be brewers and distillers. The student’s goals are to learn how to brew beer for employment and possible to become a distiller.

You need 4 things to brew beer:

  1. High quality water is unbelievable important
  2. Hops provide the bittering and flavor
  3. Yeast ferments the sugar into ethanol and carbon dioxide
  4. Malted Barley is the sugar source needed to produce alcohol

In 1978 there were 89 breweries; in 2018 there were 7,000; 20 in Knoxville alone. YOU NEED TO SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL BREWERIES.  Otherwise you are going to need the next information:

Basic steps for brewing your own beer:

  • Cook barley in water (called Mashing). The result is WORT (sugar water)
  • Boil WORT and add hops
  • Add yeast to cooled WORT
  • Let ferment 5 days for Ale, 10 days for Lager


Record keeping: Carol Mohney read the prayer, Bert West led the pledge, we had one guest Cindy Dodson and the announcement was made we are starting Grid Pick back and our new member Josh will be heading it up, Thank you Josh! The Knoxville Downtown SErtoma Club appreciates your spirit!

I also understand Beverly Farrell is undergoing cancer surgery.  Please keep her in your prayers.


The Civil War | Gerald Augusta | Jan 9th

Gerald Augusta joined the Knoxville Downtown Sertoma club today

President Lincoln is quoted quite often and is the master of “witty” sayings.  The Civil War is one war still being fought today (which hasn’t changed the outcome) but everyone wants to add their opinion. Gerald Augusta and his wife Sandy, our speakers on the 9th were not only well informed they were in full authentic costume.  He as a full colonel complete with saber and she in a dress, with bonnet and parasol.  He said this particular war is known by about 30 different names and Tennessee played a major part because of the natural resources we have such as lead, copper and salt.

He had old newspapers from Brownlow Knoxville Whig which I would have liked to have set down with and read. I attended Brownlow Elementary but didn’t know and was never told the significant of the name.  I did know but had forgotten the land grant passed in 1862 made possible the University of Tennessee

We have a new member! Josh Walker that joined our Knoxville Downtown Sertoma Club. He came about from Rusty and with the Holidays I’m thinking we all just passed him off and have failed to give him our Tennessee welcome. Hunt him down next Wednesday with a hardy Howdy!

The board meeting held on 01.08 didn’t produce anything. I missed it due to the annual HOA meeting where I live but best, I can tell they ate dinner and had a good visit. Nothing was voted on.

Next week:  You can replace me anytime: We will either have Lisa Nichols with Stockings from US to give us a year in wrap up or

A professor from South College you is going to tell us how to make beer.  Andy Schoerner is responsible for the first and Matt Hall the second.  Personally, I need to know how to make wine. Anybody know someone that can cover that?

Habitat of Knoxville and Reboot Combat Recovery

Habitat for Humanity & Reboot Combat Recovery | Dec. 5th

We are so fortunate in Knoxville to have good men willing to donate their time and talent to helping persons live a better life. We were introduced to two of them this week by Mike Simpson a member of The Knoxville Downtown Sertoma Club who falls into the same category as our speakers.

Rick Garr with Habitat for Heroes cleared up some misconceptions concerning Habitat. The organization has been around for nearly 40 years, in that time they have build more than 1 million family homes. I can take credit for one I helped to build in Lonsdale. It was the “House built by women” and it is still standing today! We also learned that Jimmy Carter did not start this program but actively supports it; the houses are not free, but homeowners do get a reduced interest rate.

Joe McCameron with Reboot Combat Trauma Recovery has recently graduated his third class of veterans and to date have not lost a veteran to suicide. The average was 22 suicides a day! This is a 12-week course, small groups and what is said there, stays there. They meet at the Church of Christ in Farragut, furnish a meal and even provide child care. No age limit or rank qualifications. They are fulfilling a need.

Let the record show: Marianne read the prayer & Ron Grimm led the pledge.

Next week: EMPOWERED; The Fan ReVOLution That Changed College Football” by Tom Mattingly and Celina Summers. This is a book they co-authored, and we are going to hear all about it.


Prime Medical | Nov 28th

We received a lot of information on the art of CPR and just recently in one of my magazines I read about the importance of knowing the proper and if you don’t know suggestions of where to go to learn. Our speaker did not recommend the Red Cross but went on to say there are several good ones available.  The web site of prime medical is a place to start.

Saturday Carol Mohney, the Kerr’s (Pete is moving around like she hasn’t just had surgery) and myself packed stockings for 2 hours. She told us how many, but I failed to write it down, so I can’t even brag! Lisa Nichols has set this up to make it easier for her helpers but even with the help she really puts a lot of time and effort into the project. I’m glad we can help financially but that’s just the beginning. They are packing again on Tuesday so come on over! It’s being set up in 2 hour shifts so call Lisa @ 755.7537 to get times.

 Slips were passed around for the gifts for the residents of the center. If you didn’t get one (or 2 or 3) hopefully you’ll have another chance. I believe you need to have them wrapped and returned by the 14th.

December Schedule:

12.05 Mike Simpson is bringing Rock Garner with Knoxville Habitat & Reboot Combat trauma recovery.  Mike has worked with this for some time and this should be well worth our time.

12.12 Our neighbor Tom Maddingly will tell us about his new book “Empowered: The Fan ReVOLution That Changed College Football”

12.19 The Madrigal Singers. This is always special and a great time to bring a guest,however, be nice and let Marriane know.

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Knoxville SEO co founder Alan Stuckey

Sertoman of the Day | Alan Stuckey | Nov 7th

Our speaker,and I don’t know who that was supposed to be, didn’t show up so Alan Stuckey tothe rescue! We haven’t had a member profile in a long time and I really enjoyedit! We have several “newbies” we can call on in the next couple of weeks so getready.  Alan grew up in Athens, TN andgraduated from McMinn High School. Got married 2004 now has two children ages 6and 9.  Was headed for pre-med and gotsidetracked in clinical on new drugs, new equipment and now has a new company,doing online marketing @MarbleCitySEO and search engine optimization in Knoxville, and evidently is just getting started to finding newcures for old problems.  Keep up the goodwork!

Next week:  We get to vote on how the money will be split that we raised from Oktoberfest.   We are coming out to the good, thanks to all of us who helped (to my knowledge it was 100%).  Now we get to say who gets what percent of the spoils.  We all have our favorites (mine is military serving overseas) but I don’t get to pick, we all do. Get in there next week and put in your two cents!

Tuesday night is the board meeting. This is not a closed session, all are invited and welcome. You must buy your own dinner, but you can have wine with it (you must buy that too), come join us. We have a good time and make lots of decisions that the rest of you must live with.


Susan Williams | Political Analyst | Oct 24th

Susan Richardson Williams got everyone’s attention when she brought up the upcoming election.  Back in the dark ages we use to vote in class you and you could call the election based on the results. Us kids voted the way we heard our parents were going to vote and right or wrong I don’t know of a time when it didn’t work. Why did they stop doing that?  My kids never had this.

The Kiwanis joined us and will be back with us this week. The group of Democrats in the room can get downright ugly!  Down boys, majority wins and eventually you will get your turn. 

I will say this has been one of the uglier campaigns and I for one will be glad when the election will be over, regardless of who wins.  Of course, I am fairly confident my guys are going to win!

Our annual Knoxville Oktoberfest event was a success! We will have to wait and see what our total numbers will be for the event, however everyone really enjoyed themselves and we are already planning for next year!

Next week Chris Hoosier is bringing us Bradley Reeves with Cinegraphic Archives and Preservation. He has captured rare reels of Mary Costa, Roy Acuff, smoky mountains home movies, rare footage of WNOX Midday Merry Go Round from 1943 – 1956. Home movies of downtown Knoxville 70 years ago, including first movies of Chet Atkins.  This would be a great one to bring a guest.


Bob Davis | Southern Railway | Oct 17th


Is history one more time.  We had a good crowd, and a very active one.  I think it’s safe to say everyone had a good time.  Don’t know how much money was raised in the 50/50 or other games but the chicken dance was a winner for everyone.  The “chicken” does a great job. Oktoberfest has become similar to Christmas; we talk about it, plan it, work on it and then in one night it’s over. What a letdown!  Thanks to all who made it a success. We appreciate all you do. Since I had so much to say last year about the gummy bears as a brown bag item, I can attest to the fact this year they were much better. Be careful what you complain about, they put you in charge of correcting it.  Everyone worked hard to make it a success and should give themselves a pat on the back; you deserve it!

Stage Coaches, Steamboats and Railroads

Bob Davis gave us a glimpse into the past and how we got where we are with the railway system. Seems they don’t ever plan to have passenger service again as it takes more employees, cost more to operate and you just can’t please everybody. The terminal was built before we had segregation and before we had a railway yard; the building had to be divided into two sections for black and white; that turned out to be a nightmare, so addition buildings were built to accommodate the overflow. Marianne’s building was one of these that was later turned into a lunch counter, and all manner of other things before it came to her. The railroad joined forces the Norfolk & Western Railway in 1982 to form the Norfolk Southern Corporation.

We had a couple of visitors, our own John Kerr, Jared Greene with BB&T was a guest of Chris Kerr and Autumn Sanderson with UT Speech & Audiology was a guest of Matt Hall.

NEXT WEEK: Susan Richardson Williams will be our speaker.


Tom Baker| October 10th

Allie Harmon brought us Tom Baker who he became acquainted with when Tom was growing up. Seems he knew not only his parents but also grandparents.  He was an excellent speaker who has written a book about his dog!  I bought the book as a devoted dog lover but in a nutshell, Tom went through a rough time as we all do occasionally. He says his wife tried to help him to no avail, but the dog named Mango made all the difference.  Tom’s business was failing and in trying to keep it afloat he made the decision to pay his employees who were also his friends and not pay IRS.  Not a good idea.  I understand they get real mean quick. From bad to worse he said he couldn’t sleep, eat or carry on a conversation and then he started watching the dog. Dog is God spelled backward and the only animal that loves you more than themselves.  He concluded life is an adventure and blessings are everywhere. Live for now, let tomorrow take care of itself. He still has the business but a better outlook on life and a payment plan for IRS.

Oktoberfest is almost here! We are meeting at 6 pm on Thursday, October 18 to get the room set up, package brown bag items and do whatever Marianne needs us to do. We would love to have you join us.


Benita Alberts | Math Instructor | Sept 19th

This week we had Benita Alberts who is Beverly’s sister and Rusty’s sister-in-law.  She taught math at Oak Ridge High School and among other things received the award of Teacher of the Year in 1973.  Trust me, people with that kind of math skills can write their own ticket in the real world and the only reason she would teach is the love of children and teaching.  She handed out a math quiz and like any class some did better than others.  We need teachers, according to Ms. Alberts the system loses half of the non-tenured teachers each year.

The annual Boy Scout Golf Tournament is just around the corner on 10/3.  Still time to sign up if your interested.  I believe we have one team, could use more

The Knoxville Oktoberfest is four weeks away. We talk about it so much it seems to be forever in the future. “Stuff” is coming in and we are hoping for a big turnout with lots of happy people. The food is great, I even like the beer, and everybody gets something.  It’s the only fund raiser we have all year, so we must make it a big one.

It was announced Tim Curbow has been in the hospital with heart problems. I understand he is home now but I’m sure he would appreciate hearing from you guys. “In lieu of flowers” at least send him a card.

Record keeping:  Terrell Kerr prayed, Carol Mohney led the pledge. Karen Kerr (Chris’s wife) visited, along with the husband of our speaker.


Matt Hall | Oktoberfest update

Matt Hall was a stand in for Jacob and did an excellent job. Especially since he was in charge of the speaker and she didn’t come.  Happens to all of us and he handled it with grace.  I do believe he’ll do an excellent job next year and its good he’s getting some on the job training.

We passed around sigh up sheets for “Celebrate Sound” to first find out if you were going to participate and what size t-shirt you wanted.  We’re only asking for $25.00 (tax deductible) and the money goes to our hearing aid loaner program.  If you were not there last week plan to sign up this week. The walk this year will be at Concord Park on September 9th

We discussed the Knoxville Oktoberfest Fundraiser which is not that far away.  September is just a week away. Carol Mohney and I went shopping for some brown bag items over the weekend but not enough to fill all the brown bags. We also need auction items. Remember we didn’t want to constantly be having “fund” raisers and determined to have the one and let that be it – this is it!  We have several beer sponsors so regardless we can get drunk!

Next Week (maybe) our speaker will be Lisa Nichols who came up with the program Stocking from US. This is a great idea and really makes you feel good especially when you see newsfeeds of soldiers that won’t be coming home.  We contributed to this so come hear what she has to say and give yourself a pat on the back.

Just a reminder: Speaker chairs for September are as follows:

09/5 Rusty Farrell

9/12 Mike McKinney

9/19 Terrell Kerr