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Rebecca Koszalinski | Speak for Myself | Aug 15th

Our speaker this week was Rebecca Koszalinski which is a lot easier to type than to say.  She developed a program for mainly hospitals but has applications other places called “Speak for Myself”.  It is most frustrating to be in a situation where you find it difficult to communicate what the problem is or what you want. I think it’s a great idea and will go far.  I spoke with her after the meeting and she said she has added a great deal to the program because of patient expressed wishes but feels there is too much on it at this time and needs to be “fine-tuned”.  She had added end of life suggestions and thought this might not be a good idea for everyone. It’s trial and error time but I’m sure it is making a lot of patients lives easier and the nurses too.

Report on the board meeting….  Mostly we talked about our Downtown Knoxville Oktoberfest and who was going to do what. I think it’s safe to say Caroline and Brett have paved the way and we are on our own.  At present we need you – the membership- to bring in auction items and brown bag stuff.  Marianne has agreed to store anything we bring in at her place, Carol and myself are going “scouting” for items on Saturday and we will bring them on Wednesday.  Auction items can be anything from jewelry to cookware. Get out there and hit Wal-Mart, Target, etc.

We also determined to sponsor a team to play golf for the 40th Annual for Boy Scouts.  Don’t have any details, if your interested ask Matt Hall.

The annual “Celebrate Sound” walk has been moved to Tyson Park to accommodate everyone who didn’t want to drive to Maryville. It will be on September9th and we expect BIG turnout. You can still walk on line and not have to leave home but if it’s not raining its kind of fun. Plan to join us.

Next week:  We have Elaina Steno with Second Harvest Food Bank.  Brought to us by Matt Hall.

President Jacob tippens and Jacob Landis with Jacob's Ride Foundation

Jacob Landis | Jacob’s Ride | Aug 8th

Jacob Landis is a one man show that started in April of 2013 on a mission to raise money for people without insurance to get cochlear implants. He has ridden nearly 20,000 miles spreading awareness and raising money. Jacob has met with thousands of supporters and donors at over 120 events. Through his efforts and the generosity of their supporters, Jacob’s Ride has provided financial assistance for over one dozen cochlear implant recipients in the last five years. Over 12,000 children in America are born with hearing loss each year and cochlear implants are the most successful medical intervention for deaf or severely hard of hearing. However, insurance often does not cover the cost.  Jacob also meets with teenagers and young adults who are deaf or hard of hearing and insists to them not to let that “hearing problem thing” get in the way of identifying goals and pursuing your dreams.

John Kerr shared with us Celebrate Sound Walk will be on September 9th (this is a Sunday) at 4 p.m.  They have moved the event to Tyson Park trying to make people happy that didn’t want to drive to Maryville.  That means that everyone that complained must show up.  He took down names.

Jerry Winston announced we had members that participated in the Helen Ross McNabb – Shooting event.

Next week is the monthly board meeting. Time is 6 pm, on Tuesday at Chesapeak’s.  All are welcome.

Next Week:  Rebecca Koszalinski, our speaker, is being brought to us by Lee Freeman.

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Alan Stuckey VP, Sandra Clark, and Linda Price

Sandra Clark | Election Predictions | Aug 1st

The election is behind us and I was pleased with the outcome. We made the national news – it was reported we elected a professional wrestler as mayor. Seems the “scruffy little city” just can’t get a break.  All of Sandra’s predictions came true and I got the feeling she is definitely not a President Trump fan.

I would be willing to bet even if he knew it wouldn’t keep him up nights.  I worked at West Valley Middle School. We voted a total of 501 persons and 2 of them were my daughter-in-law and granddaughter (her first-time voting).  One picked Republican and the other Democrat, they should have stayed home!

It’s much harder when you have two candidates running for the same office and you really like both.  I was impressed with Mattock and Burchett really “pounded the pavement”. You couldn’t go to any function he didn’t show up too.  Sandra seem to think he (Burchett) plans to move on up.  We can sit back and say “I knew him when. . . . . “

The cost of campaigning I’m sure keeps a lot of good people from running. Sandra said thousands of dollars had been spent (this is a matter of public record, how much they spent and where they got it) and wouldn’t you love to be a fly on the wall after and election you lost and have the wife say – “don’t ever mention how much I spend on shoes again”


Jimmy Matlock | June 25th

Last week we heard from Jimmy Matlock and I think most of us left with a favorable impression of him. One of the great things about our country you get to vote by yourself. He did say he is living on the farm he was raised on which is 87 acres, married to the same woman and attends the same church.  He either stands by his convictions or he’s in a rut. I like him and have been buying tires from him for years.

On July 18th we learned about stem cell therapy and I don’t think I was the only person in the room that didn’t understand half of it.  I did write down the highest concentration of stem cells are in the hip bones; I am again screwed as mine are metal – takes forever for me to get through the airport.  He did enlighten us on where they get stem cells and put to rest some of the horror stories we hear.  I had no idea it could be used in so many ways.  We are blessed to live now.

Next Week:  We will have Sandra Clark with Knox TN Today to give us her predictions on the outcome of the elections. Early voting ended on Saturday and the “real” election is Thursday so should be interesting.


Brett Grimm | Oktoberfest | July 11th

Brett took most of the meeting telling us what needs to be done to make our Oktoberfest a success. He walked us through what each job requires and how many people it takes to “get er done”.  This is our one and only fund raiser and thus far has been successful and fun. HOWEVER, I do believe if it is to be a success this year we are going to have to “step up to the plate.”

The first items on the agenda was to sell more tickets.  We could have made a big difference in the amount of money we made last year if we had only sold as many tickets as we did the year before.  A lot of the expense has been paid for, now we get to set back and reap the rewards if we get enough people there.  I feel your pain, I hate to ask my friends also (and you truly find out who your friends are) but I go into my spiel about it being for a good cause and since this covers three different charities if one of them is special to the person your selling too you pretty much have it made. Give it your best shot, all they can do is say no.  Also, everybody get something along with a good meal and all the beer they can drink and the plan is to have better brown bag items. So, if they miss out on the $5000. Prize they have something for their effort.


Detective Loeffler | June 27th

Detective Loeffler was a hoot. Got a little gory in places but most interesting. He also told us last year they (Knoxville Police) had 247,000 violent crimes reported with 12 investigators to handle them. Some were down right funny (if your not involved with the people) and some fall into the category of too stupid to live but not bright enough to kill themselves either.  The attempted suicides were down-right funny (again if you don’t know the people) .

Dr. Asp shared with us he has 20 South Korean students here studying with him.

Matt Hall brought his son, Ashton with him and Adrian Block a fellow worker.  We can only hope he was so impressed with the program he will want to join.

John Kerr, Chris Kerr, Becky Massey, and Lee Freeman

Becky Duncan Massey | State Senator | June 20th

State Senator Becky Duncan Massey

Our very special Becky Massey was our speaker for this week. She informed us the senate begins every session by saying the pledge to the United States flag and the Tennessee flag and they have a prayer. It’s a comfort to know this is the custom.  She also made our state sound pretty good and this is a comfort as we take hits quite often such as the “scruffy little city next to the river”.  At present, we have a very low unemployment rate which is only good if you’re not trying to hire someone; we are 3rd in the nation on income growth; we have a balanced budget (it’s required) and we are 9th in the country on taxes.  We host one of the largest percentages of kids graduating from high school. The only bad thing about her doing so well, we don’t see her as often, however, her replacement at the center introduced her, and we are happy to have Lee with us.

Next week: For all you Law & Order and Criminal Minds fans we will have (courtesy of Jerry Faerber – remember your mother telling you to pick your friends carefully?)  A.J. Loeffler, a homicide detective with the Knoxville Police Dept. I never miss an episode so if the “creek don’t rise” I’ll be there.


We had as our guest John Kerr and wife Diane to present to him:

Service to Mankind Award

Congratulations, John, you are an inspiration to all of us.

Knox Sertoma President Chris Kerr, Sam Maynard, and Alan Stuckey

Sam Maynard | James White Fort | June 13th

Sam Maynard – James White Fort

We had a very interesting history lesson this week from Sam Maynard. His family came here from Germany and settled in east Knox county. They were dairy farmers and practiced this trade.  Mary Lou Horner got him involved in helping to preserve old buildings such as James White Fort. She insisted at the time, it would on take a couple of months, he has been working on it for fifteen years!  Did you know the original fort sat in the middle of where State Street Garage now sits? We are so fortunate to have so much history that surrounds us.


Today we installed our officers for next year.  We begin on July 1 with a new and not so new group. Going to have to suffer through for another year with Andy as treasurer, Carol as secretary and me on the bulletin. Now at any time you can declare you’ve had enough and take the position!

Report on the board meeting:

Jobs have been assigned for Oktoberfest from Brett and most of us know what we’re suppose to do to make it run smoothly. He is convinced Caroline and possible him will not be available to participate.   We do need items for the brown bags and it wouldn’t hurt to start thinking about items to donate for the auction. Keep in mind folks, this is our one and only fund raiser and we must make it count.

Sign up sheets for the picnic at Jerry Faerbers’ were passed around. Club will furnish the meat, everything else we are responsible to bring. Hot dogs and hamburgers are the menu for this year and lots of fellowship. If you missed the meeting, get there next week and tell us what your bringing. Picnic is on the 24th and here are


Go north on I-75, exit 128 (Rocky Top) Turn left on Hwy 441 toward Norris Dam. Go 1.3 miles, turn left on Oak Grove Rd. Go 1.4 miles, turn right on Lindsey Mill Circle.  Jerry’s cell (should you need it) 865.659-2305 , landline 865.630-1047.

Next week: 

We will have our very own Senator Massey who will hopefully tell us what we can expect in the future. Come join us, several people have been missing lately and we miss you!


Bill Robinson | POW Vietnam | May 30th

When Hell was in Session

Bill Robinson spent seven and a half years in a Vietnam prison and fortunately lived to tell about it.  He and other prisoners’ motto was return with honor and they were able to do that also.  He does not think highly of President Johnson and thinks even less of Jane Fonda but does seem to like President Nixon. He was a crew chief on a rescue helicopter on a three-month rotation and on one mission they took enemy small arms fire and were captured.  Upon arrival at the prison the highest-ranking person told him to “live to fight another day”.  They eventually ended up in the Hanoi Hilton when the moto was never give up, never give in. The” Hilton” was proud of the fact they fed the prisoners on twenty cents a day. They survived by saying “we’ll be home by Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. When President Nixon took office, he invited all the prisoners of war families to the White House and vowed to do all he could to bring them home.  When Bill was finally able to return home, he was told not to wear his uniform and they would land at night.  I hope all of us are properly ashamed of ourselves for allowing this to go on.

I did not get a report on our service project, but I understand it was a success and possible we will learn more next week.

Next week we will have the new person in charge of Knox Heritage to bring us up to date on what’s going on there.

On June 20 we will have our own Becky Massey and on

June 27 we will host a homicide detective.

UT Speech and Audiology center focus on Autism with Erin Finke

Erinn Finke | Autism | Morgan Stansbury | Annette Brown Scholarship

Dr. Erinn Finke, Associate Professor who came to us via Penn State, specializes in Autism. Webster explains it “a mental state marked by disregard of external reality”. Dr. Jerry and me were hanging on every word as each of us has a grandchild with the problem. Dr. Finke centered her talk on parents wanting their children to have social skills and have friends. She stressed that friendship is critical to a child’s well being and is significant protection against loneliness and depression. Teaching a child to make friends under the best of circumstances is difficult, teaching an autistic child would be next to impossible. She seems up to the task and I wish her nothing but the best of luck.

We had Morgan Stansbury, recipient of the Annette Brown scholarship fund who spoke and was most grateful for the financial assistance.  Makes you feel good to have helped a bright and deserving person.

Our own Dr. Carl Asp shared with us his book has now been translated into several languages to include Chinese and Arabic.

Next week: We will have Greg MacKay former chairman of the Knox County Election Commission, and more recently a referee in the recent Russian elections. He will have an entertaining audio/video program.

Service Opportunity:  On May 23rd we will pack meals for Mobile Meals at their facility on Reynolds Street where we went last time to pick up the meals to deliver but we won’t deliver any of these. This will be inside with air- conditioned comfort from 12 pm to 1:30. With the holiday fast approaching (Memorial Day) Mobile Meals needs help getting items ready. Wear comfortable shoes and clothing and plan to have a good time!