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Knoxville SEO co founder Alan Stuckey

Sertoman of the Day | Alan Stuckey | Nov 7th

Our speaker,and I don’t know who that was supposed to be, didn’t show up so Alan Stuckey tothe rescue! We haven’t had a member profile in a long time and I really enjoyedit! We have several “newbies” we can call on in the next couple of weeks so getready.  Alan grew up in Athens, TN andgraduated from McMinn High School. Got married 2004 now has two children ages 6and 9.  Was headed for pre-med and gotsidetracked in clinical on new drugs, new equipment and now has a new company,doing online marketing @MarbleCitySEO and search engine optimization in Knoxville, and evidently is just getting started to finding newcures for old problems.  Keep up the goodwork!

Next week:  We get to vote on how the money will be split that we raised from Oktoberfest.   We are coming out to the good, thanks to all of us who helped (to my knowledge it was 100%).  Now we get to say who gets what percent of the spoils.  We all have our favorites (mine is military serving overseas) but I don’t get to pick, we all do. Get in there next week and put in your two cents!

Tuesday night is the board meeting. This is not a closed session, all are invited and welcome. You must buy your own dinner, but you can have wine with it (you must buy that too), come join us. We have a good time and make lots of decisions that the rest of you must live with.