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Alex Gabbard

We didn’t have the original speaker we were promised, however, Alex Gabbard did a fine job of “filling in”. He has written a book on the first battle of the American Revolution of which he received a book of the year award. The book, named Gaspee, tells the story of Lt. William Dudingston, captain of the ship Gaspee enforced maritime laws with a vengeance. Anything that was brought into port without the benefit of “paying the taxes to England” was sized and in some cases destroyed. Principal towns were Providence, Newport and Rhode Island. Joseph Bucklin was credited with firing the first shot that hit Lt. Dudingston and therefore started the war. King George offered a reward for his capture, you’ll have to read the book to find out the rest. Before out time, but quite interesting.

Housekeeping: Jason Grahl read the prayer, Al Gill led the pledge. We had a couple of visitors: Shasta (hope I spelled that correctly) wife of new member Matt Hall, another friend of his and I didn’t get the name, Rand McKinney came with dad and sat with him this time.
Called board meeting: It’s that time again when you get to “step up to the plate” and help run this organization. With that said, we have a tentative list for you to look at and hopefully approve. These people will take office the first of July so we don’t have a lot of time to pick and choose. If you would like to serve on the board and no one has contacted you, let someone know. We will sign you up!

And the winners are:

Chris Kerr, President; Jacob Tippens VP Outreach; Alan Stuckey, VP Member- ship; Brett Grimm, VP Special Events; Andy Schoerner, Treasurer; Carol Mohney, Secretary; Carolyn Grimm, Sgt-at-Arms; Jason Grahl, Speaker chair & grid pick; Matt Hall, Parliamentarian; Allie Harmon & Mike McKinney, Visitation; Bob Rentenbach, Greeter. Board of Directors: Jerry Faerber, Chris Hoosier, Carl Asp, Marianne Greene, Kim Simpson, Linda Price, Mike Simpson. Rusty Farrell, Chairman of the Board.

In a nutshell: Matt Hall is replacing Tim Curbow, Carol Mohney is replacing Andy Libby, we are adding Mike McKinney to Visitation and Rusty Farrell replaces Mike Simpson as chairman.