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Benita Alberts | Math Instructor | Sept 19th

This week we had Benita Alberts who is Beverly’s sister and Rusty’s sister-in-law.  She taught math at Oak Ridge High School and among other things received the award of Teacher of the Year in 1973.  Trust me, people with that kind of math skills can write their own ticket in the real world and the only reason she would teach is the love of children and teaching.  She handed out a math quiz and like any class some did better than others.  We need teachers, according to Ms. Alberts the system loses half of the non-tenured teachers each year.

The annual Boy Scout Golf Tournament is just around the corner on 10/3.  Still time to sign up if your interested.  I believe we have one team, could use more

The Knoxville Oktoberfest is four weeks away. We talk about it so much it seems to be forever in the future. “Stuff” is coming in and we are hoping for a big turnout with lots of happy people. The food is great, I even like the beer, and everybody gets something.  It’s the only fund raiser we have all year, so we must make it a big one.

It was announced Tim Curbow has been in the hospital with heart problems. I understand he is home now but I’m sure he would appreciate hearing from you guys. “In lieu of flowers” at least send him a card.

Record keeping:  Terrell Kerr prayed, Carol Mohney led the pledge. Karen Kerr (Chris’s wife) visited, along with the husband of our speaker.