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Bethany Lovato | Elkmont Exchange | Jan 3rd

Our speaker on Wednesday, Bethany Lovato, part owner, in charge of marketing and all around nice person, with the Elkmont Exchange brought samples!  They got their start in Viet Nam and lived there for several years. They are a company of three persons:  Bethany, Alex Violette and Brian Davenport. Seems the men have been friends for years, one was into food, the other beer. They determined to combine their talents and opened a restaurant that servers food and beer.  It worked, and they now have several locations to include the first one in Viet Nam that is thriving. They had to learn to make not only bread but also butter as these items were not available locally – see how lucky we are? Everything was going well until their daughter was born and they decided to return home which was originally Knoxville. They have purchased a house in North Knoxville that they are restoring to its original beauty and hope this will be a forever home.  Go check them out, they are located at 746 Broadway  between the cleaners and Broadway Baptist Church, open seven days a week for lunch and dinner.

I didn’t get information concerning who will be our speaker for next week, but rest assured he/she will be great. Come check them out.  For the record: Bob Rentenbach read the prayer and Brett Grimm led the pledge, we had a measly twenty something that came. My table was empty except for Dr. Jerry and Chris Hoosier.