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Bill Robinson | POW Vietnam | May 30th

When Hell was in Session

Bill Robinson spent seven and a half years in a Vietnam prison and fortunately lived to tell about it.  He and other prisoners’ motto was return with honor and they were able to do that also.  He does not think highly of President Johnson and thinks even less of Jane Fonda but does seem to like President Nixon. He was a crew chief on a rescue helicopter on a three-month rotation and on one mission they took enemy small arms fire and were captured.  Upon arrival at the prison the highest-ranking person told him to “live to fight another day”.  They eventually ended up in the Hanoi Hilton when the moto was never give up, never give in. The” Hilton” was proud of the fact they fed the prisoners on twenty cents a day. They survived by saying “we’ll be home by Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. When President Nixon took office, he invited all the prisoners of war families to the White House and vowed to do all he could to bring them home.  When Bill was finally able to return home, he was told not to wear his uniform and they would land at night.  I hope all of us are properly ashamed of ourselves for allowing this to go on.

I did not get a report on our service project, but I understand it was a success and possible we will learn more next week.

Next week we will have the new person in charge of Knox Heritage to bring us up to date on what’s going on there.

On June 20 we will have our own Becky Massey and on

June 27 we will host a homicide detective.