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Congressman Duncun campaign Manager Bob Griffin

Bob Griffin | Congressman Duncun Update | Dec. 20th

I hope this finds everyone healthy, and not too much poorer. I trust you had a great Christmas and enjoyed all the shows, food, parties and of course shopping, cooking, wrapping, etc. What amazes me is how fast it coves around now.

Recap of last meeting:

Mike Simpson introduced Bob Griffin who has been with us before; this time filling in for Congressman Duncan who couldn’t attend because of the vote on the tax bill. We did learn that Bob is an Army veteran and was in the 101st. Airborne.  As this is the 29th year for Congressman Duncan it may be the same for Bob. He is obviously proud of his boss and the accomplishments that have been achieved. To name a few: One million new jobs created, 22 regulations rolled back which will save eight billion dollars, and the lowest level of border crossing.  The last tax reform bill was in 1986 when Ronald Regan was president, and lowering the corporate tax rate will do wonders for the free enterprise system. Veterans benefits will be increased (as they should be) I am amazed how poorly our veterans are treated – all gave some, some gave all. Also, Bob pointed out that 45% of the people don’t pay taxes.

Next Week:  Bert West has arranged for Bethany Lovato to speak at our next meeting on Wednesday, January 3, 2018.  Bethany and her partners have opened Elmont Exchange Restaurant and Brewery at 745 Broadway. It is a beautiful, modern place in an old warehouse. I haven’t been there, didn’t know it was there but I’ll be on my way. My building was at 730 Broadway, so this is just up the street.  Neighborhood goes to pot and then suddenly, we find people willing to invest and keep the old structures. Remember the old riddle, silver is good, gold is better. Since this is also a brewery, maybe she’ll bring samples.