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Bradley Reeves | Cinegraphic Archives & Preservation | Oct 11th

Bradley Reeves with Cinegraphic Archives and Preservation was our very informed speaker for the week.  He brought “samples” of some of the films he has been able to restore.  We all love to go back and see the films we took of the kids when they were 2 and 3 and then discover the film has turned to mush and there is nothing left. Before that happens, contact Mr. Reeves and see what he can do to restore it.  The Kiwanis Joined us, shame they don’t do that every week; makes the room look a lot better.

Oktoberfest:  Tomorrow night, beer set up with 4 vendors, food coming in fresh and always good.  Lots of “brown bag” items and this year the first number drawn in our reverse raffle gets a prize along with the one hundredth and two hundredth person.  I want to hold out for the grand prize, I have a car payment to make.  This get bigger and better every year and this year we are adding a person from the Knoxville Opera and a train demonstration!  Doors open at 5:30 with food and beer at 6:00. If you don’t attend you will miss a great time.

Becky Massey brought Lee Freeman who will step into her place as Executive Director on November 1. He filled out an application to become “one of us” which won’t be the challenge it will be to fill Becky’s shoes at the Sertoma Center. Jerry Faerber brought David Johnson a longtime friend he’s hoping will join and Ashley ????? from UT Speech and Hearing rounded out the visitors.

Record keeping: Terrell Kerr prayed and Aubrey Cowan led the pledge. From last week we learned Ed Barham won the grid pick with 8 out of 10.

The Kiwanis announced they again have Christmas wreaths to sell for $25.00.

They are taking orders now if you are interested. Will be delivered fresh.


The past presidents club is selling chances for the UT-LSU game.  One for $10 or 3 for $25.