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Brett Grimm | Oktoberfest | July 11th

Brett took most of the meeting telling us what needs to be done to make our Oktoberfest a success. He walked us through what each job requires and how many people it takes to “get er done”.  This is our one and only fund raiser and thus far has been successful and fun. HOWEVER, I do believe if it is to be a success this year we are going to have to “step up to the plate.”

The first items on the agenda was to sell more tickets.  We could have made a big difference in the amount of money we made last year if we had only sold as many tickets as we did the year before.  A lot of the expense has been paid for, now we get to set back and reap the rewards if we get enough people there.  I feel your pain, I hate to ask my friends also (and you truly find out who your friends are) but I go into my spiel about it being for a good cause and since this covers three different charities if one of them is special to the person your selling too you pretty much have it made. Give it your best shot, all they can do is say no.  Also, everybody get something along with a good meal and all the beer they can drink and the plan is to have better brown bag items. So, if they miss out on the $5000. Prize they have something for their effort.