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Brewing & Distilling Knoxville | Dr. Todd White Jan 16th

Brewing and Distilling in Knoxville

I have it on good authority Dr. Todd White is the President and founder of the Brewing and Distilling center in Knoxville and is also a professor at South College.   He teaches people to be brewers and distillers. The student’s goals are to learn how to brew beer for employment and possible to become a distiller.

You need 4 things to brew beer:

  1. High quality water is unbelievable important
  2. Hops provide the bittering and flavor
  3. Yeast ferments the sugar into ethanol and carbon dioxide
  4. Malted Barley is the sugar source needed to produce alcohol

In 1978 there were 89 breweries; in 2018 there were 7,000; 20 in Knoxville alone. YOU NEED TO SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL BREWERIES.  Otherwise you are going to need the next information:

Basic steps for brewing your own beer:

  • Cook barley in water (called Mashing). The result is WORT (sugar water)
  • Boil WORT and add hops
  • Add yeast to cooled WORT
  • Let ferment 5 days for Ale, 10 days for Lager


Record keeping: Carol Mohney read the prayer, Bert West led the pledge, we had one guest Cindy Dodson and the announcement was made we are starting Grid Pick back and our new member Josh will be heading it up, Thank you Josh! The Knoxville Downtown SErtoma Club appreciates your spirit!

I also understand Beverly Farrell is undergoing cancer surgery.  Please keep her in your prayers.