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Knoxville CBD American Shaman

Courtney Moore | CBD | Jan. 30th

Knoxville CBD American Shaman

CBD oil is the new aspirin and some combination can cure just about anything.  It is mostly used for pain relief but branches out into anxiety, insomnia and lots of other non-life threatening ailments.  Courtney Moore, our speaker, was very knowledgeable and really believed in her product. If you don’t have a problem it is also available for the cat, dog or horse! The samples she brought (she did bring samples) were water soluble, and a cream that you could use for pain relief, some were flavored with great flavors such as grape and cherry.  Her store is located on the corner of Kingston Pike and Lovell Road, across from Costco.

Seems we purchase a large amount of help from Canada and the closest place here is in Kentucky. Government regulated of course with permit required.  Only takes 90 days to grow and it helps to regenerate the soil.

Her store carries a variety of products to purchase:  candy, gummies, cookies, tea, bath bombs, body lotion, face cream, etc. Check it out, American Shaman CBD.

Next week:  Easter Roberts a Chaplain for the Knoxville Police Department.  I don’t know who is responsible for this speaker but of late all our speakers have been excellent. Puts a lot of pressure on anyone trying to set one up.  Attendance has been down; where are you guys?

Grid pick winner with 9 out of 9 – Chris Kerr.  He was very humble as he collected his winnings.

Lee Freeman announced Rick Barnes and Jimmy Hyams will be the speakers at the Sertoma Friendship Dinner on April 16. The tables hold 8 persons each and we had two tables last year.  He thought it might be a good idea if we increase that to three.

I understand Brett Grimm has the flu. To ad to his misery, his wife threw him out of the house! We have babies to look after.