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David Montgomery Presentation

David Montgomery teaches non-credit courses at UT on landscaping and basically tells you which plant should go where. My mother in law could have used him, she just found and empty spot and by the time she passed that was no mean trick. I don’t know how he is at that but I can tell you he’s a hoot. He says he gives a “farmer’s guide to plaints in East Tennessee and he’s a collector of interesting and totally useless information.” He said he really couldn’t pass on anything useful but he invited us to come and take the course so UT could get paid and therefore pay him.  Seems reasonable.

Next Week:  Carol Evans with Legacy Parks will be our speaker.

Sunday is our St. Patrick’s Day Celebration and along with the time change which screws some of us up, the weatherman is calling for snow. In the event, he knows what he’s talking about and it really happens and the roads are bad – stay home. Otherwise the party starts at 5 with green beer and lots of good food. We are also going to have an addition this year of a piano player from the Knoxville Opera. If they gave his name, I missed it but don’t you miss him.

Housekeeping: I read the prayer, Audrey Cowan led the pledge. We had Patti Johnston a professor from UT Speech and Hearing as our guest.