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Dr. Beth Humphrey | UTK Speech and Hearing

Dr. Beth Humphrey gave our last talk on speech and hearing. She stated she was not a politician but is involved in the current healthcare legislation. She stated 2-3 out of 1,000 children are born with detectable hearing loss. Now almost 98% of infants are checked before leaving the hospital. In the works is a hearing aid assistance tax credit for people without insurance and for us old folks hearing aids are not covered by Medicare. The over the counter hearing aids are more affordable and accessible (these are not for children) but you need to get a hearing assessment before trying one out. By the time our children and grandchildren need hearing aids they will sell them at Wal-Mart.

Next week is a not to be missed. We will have Scott West, owner of 3 local restaurants in Knoxville. He is going to tell us all about his stay with the federal government.
Housekeeping: Mike McKinney led the pledge and I don’t have a clue who read the prayer. My pen died and my extra had run dry so I’m trying to write most of this from memory. What I do remember is Andy Libby is back and looks good. Rand McKinney came with Dad and was pumping Janet for information.

Don’t forget election of officers is coming up and you just might be called on to fill a position. Also, we will have a called board meeting after June 7.