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Dr. Eric Heidel | Opioid Epidemic | Nov. 29th

Not the most uplifting program we’ve had but one of the best. Dr. Heidel, brought to us by Alan Stuckey, informed us of Opioids or more commonly thought of as pain relievers and the dangers of getting addicted or worse yet accidental death. I think we all know of a person either family or friends with a drug problem and we want to believe it couldn’t happen to me or mine.  Time to get our head out of the sand, last year there was a 400% increase in overdose death in women! TN was #1 in drug problems, but we have lost our status on that, however, not because we got a grip on the problem but because over states lost theirs.  Also, for the person that is given a prescription for a pain reliever and doesn’t take it all do not flush the remainder; you can drop these off at several places that will dispose of them properly, the police department, the health department and some of the local drugstores.  All doctors, dentist, etc. are required to take courses on the hazards of drug addition now so maybe that will make a difference. I usually thought of drug addicts as persons using cocaine or that type of drug, didn’t know it moved to people having surgery and needing to relieve the pain.

Next week: Bob Rentenbach is bringing Fran Dotterweich who will speak on Christmas and religion.

Housekeeping: Jacob Tippens read the prayer and Al Gill led the pledge.  Lisa Skinner visited from the center.

December 13 is the date for the Madrigal Singers – that’s just around the corner and a great time to bring potential members or office staff.  Just let Marianne know so we will have enough food.   Cost for guest is $12.00.