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Eddie Mannis for Knoxville Mayor

Eddie Mannis | Knoxville Mayor Candidate | Aug 14th

Eddie Mannis wants to be our next mayor or Knoxville and having lived here and being a Knoxville business owner, I believe he may just know what he’s talking about.  His biggest claim to fame is the creation of Honor Air and I believe he has a warm place in the hearts of several Knoxvillians be they veterans or not.

He also stated we need new businesses in Knoxville and if that is not something you are interested in; you need to vote for someone else. He said it has been twenty (20) years since a new company has moved into Knoxville. I tried to think of one that might prove him wrong and couldn’t. I do know East Towne Mall is going down the tubes quickly. Whoever wins, let’s do our part to help.

The board meeting was pretty much devoted to Oktoberfest and what we can do to make it better, etc.  As that is our only major fund raiser, we must put all we can into making it a success. If you have any ideas, suggestions, or criticisms please pass them on.

Janet Bigelow will be our speaker next week and for as long as she has been gone; surely she has traveled the world.