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Elaine Streno | Second Harvest Food Bank

Today we had Elaine Streno from Second Harvest Food Bank and I had no idea they did so much. Seems they are a national organization which has named itself “Feeding America”. They are in their 35th year and in five states. It got started because some people noticed food was being wasted and people were going hungry. They now have six difference feeding programs and serve 18 counties and 200,000 people. They now purchase 70% of the products they use, however, a great deal is donated by local grocery stores. They have 20 trucks, and a budget of $6,000 per year. Ninety cents of every dollar that is donated goes to the needy.  They have a large freezer which they allow other non-profit organizations to use. 1 in 6 people in East Tennessee live in poverty and Second Harvest is trying to eliminate that. One program sends home food for kids after school and weekends and they also have a program for seniors.

Next week we vote. Come ready to cast your ballot or if you don’t like who ever is offered up, to volunteer to do it yourself. We’re easy, you can go either way.

Chris Kerr, President; Jacob Tippens VP Outreach; Alan Stuckey, VP Member- ship; Brett Grimm, VP Special Events; Andy Schoerner, Treasurer; Carol Mohney, Secretary; Carolyn Grimm, SSgt-at-Arms; Jason Grahl, Speaker chair & grid pick; Matt Hall, Parliamentarian; Allie Harmon & Mike McKinney, Visitation; Bob Rentenbach, Greeter. Board of Directors: Jerry Faerber, Carl Asp, Marianne Greene, Kim Simpson, Linda Price, Mike SimpsonRusty Farrell, Chairman of the Board.

The annual picnic at the Faerbers is coming up on June 25th. If you have not told Marianne if you will be attending, now would be a good time.  I think they decided on hamburgers and hot dogs so they surely made it easy for you. Grab a bag of potato chips, some pickles, maybe bake some beans and come join the fun.  I’ll give you directions when I get back from vacation next week. At this writing, no one has volunteered to do the bulletin for next week so you’ll have to muddle through without it.  I’ll see you on the 28th.

Housekeeping:  Jacob Tippens read the prayer (he also was responsible for the speaker) and Bob Rentenbach led the pledge.  Rusty passed around a list of when each person joined Sertoma. William Davis was first place at 1952 with Al Gill coming in at 1964. 1999 and 2000 were two good years.  Don’t know what we did that inspired them but if we can find out we could do it again.

Mark your calendars to make a special effort to attend on July 12th. Senator Becky Massey is bringing our Tennessee Secretary of State. Also, we will meet on July 5, don’t have info on the speaker.