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Gerald Green | Zoning | Feb 21st

MPC ccording to our speaker, Gerald Green, who is the executive director, they will work with you to solve any problems and some “requirements” can be ignored or overlooked.  He went on to say that no one wants a person telling them what they can do with the property they have purchased but at the same time their neighbors want to make sure your business doesn’t make their business look bad.  They are making changes to the zoning laws and he expressed these would be “good” changes. If you drive around Knoxville you know things are changing and mostly for the better, at least the ones I have noticed.

Next week: We will have Lee Freeman who will bring us up to date on what the Sertoma Center is doing and planning.

Record Keeping: Bob Rentenbach read the prayer and Allie Harmon led the pledge. Andy Schoerner continues to win the grid pick, only because Al is not with us and that’s just one of the reasons we miss him!  We hope this situation will be righted soon.


People responsible for speakers in March:

3/7 Rusty Farrell has Tim Wheeler who is running for office.

3/14 Mike McKinney

3/21 Terrell Kerr

3/28 Janet Bigelow


Brett Grimn announced we have received approval from the state to hold our Oktoberfest again this year. Thank you, Brett, for all you do.