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Glenn Jacobs | Running for Knox County Mayor | Jan 24th

I was so late arriving, I even missed lunch!  However, I did get there in time to hear our speaker, Glenn Jacobs, and I was impressed! First off, he’s a hunk which as I had been told he was a wrestler in a former like which colored my thinking. The few wrestlers  I have experienced in my life time did not look like him.  Next. he made perfectly good sense and he has some good ideas.  He made three points:

  1. Everyone has a unique skill set. We all have our own “talents” and if we try something and it fails, try something else!  He wanted to go “pro” but blew out his knee.  He said he was depressed for a time but finally got up, dusted himself off and determined to fine something new.
  2. Failure is important. You can’t have the rainbow, without the rain.  If you aren’t willing to fail, don’t get in the game.  When the government gives you everything; we encourage people to fail.
  3. There ain’t no free lunch. I couldn’t agree more.

He is running for County Mayor – at this point I can safely say I will vote for him! He Is a small business owner which gives him a “head up” on what they face. I don’t know how Jerry Winston knows him, another career change?

Maurine Bodes from the Interfaith Health Clinic was a visitor explaining the “Sweets to the Sweet” fund raiser. For Valentine’s Day. The Inter Faith Clinic’s mission is to provide accessible, affordable, and quality health care to the working uninsured and undeserved in our community. These services are provided regardless of race, sex, creed, age, religion or national origin.  Instead of sending flowers (or better yet, along with) they will deliver a mini Bundt cake to whomever you pick and with the purchase a patient visit to Inter Faith Clinic will be provided in your honor.  Give them a call, (865)546-7330.

Housekeeping:  Bob Rentenbach read the prayer, Matt Hall led the pledge. Along with Maurine from Interfaith we also had Rob Link, Glenn Jacobs campaign manager, and Katherine McKinney (Mike’s wife).