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Habitat of Knoxville and Reboot Combat Recovery

Habitat for Humanity & Reboot Combat Recovery | Dec. 5th

We are so fortunate in Knoxville to have good men willing to donate their time and talent to helping persons live a better life. We were introduced to two of them this week by Mike Simpson a member of The Knoxville Downtown Sertoma Club who falls into the same category as our speakers.

Rick Garr with Habitat for Heroes cleared up some misconceptions concerning Habitat. The organization has been around for nearly 40 years, in that time they have build more than 1 million family homes. I can take credit for one I helped to build in Lonsdale. It was the “House built by women” and it is still standing today! We also learned that Jimmy Carter did not start this program but actively supports it; the houses are not free, but homeowners do get a reduced interest rate.

Joe McCameron with Reboot Combat Trauma Recovery has recently graduated his third class of veterans and to date have not lost a veteran to suicide. The average was 22 suicides a day! This is a 12-week course, small groups and what is said there, stays there. They meet at the Church of Christ in Farragut, furnish a meal and even provide child care. No age limit or rank qualifications. They are fulfilling a need.

Let the record show: Marianne read the prayer & Ron Grimm led the pledge.

Next week: EMPOWERED; The Fan ReVOLution That Changed College Football” by Tom Mattingly and Celina Summers. This is a book they co-authored, and we are going to hear all about it.