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Hexagon Brewing Company | August 2nd

Our speaker, Hexagon Brewing Company, located at 1002 Dutch Valley Dr. was not only interesting he brought samples! Owned jointly by Steven Apking and Matt McMillian thus far they have won 5 gold medals. 3 silvers and 1 bronze. According to their website they have interesting names for their beers such as Smokin Goat.  Hours of operation are 4 – 9 Monday thru Thursday, 4 – 11 on Friday & Saturday and 2 – 8 on Sunday. Plenty of opportunities for you to go and check them out. He also agreed to participate in our Oktoberfest, one more reason to give them a try. Along with brewing beer, he is a bee keeper and has his own printing company. Don’t know how the three items work together but if he gets into making mead he’ll have his own honey and can print his own labels.

Next Week:  Jacob Tippens is bringing us Kelsie Critenton and the name is familiar but I don’t know why.  Guess we’ll find out together.

I arrived late for the meeting and missed the pledge and prayer so don’t have a clue who did either and I haven’t convinced President Kerr to write this information down for me.  I did notice we had a “rug rat” at one table but don’t know who laid claim to him. Cute kid and I’m sure a Sertoman in training.  I was thrilled I did come, even though I was late as I was presented with a certificate for perfect attendance, an emblem for charity work and a gorgeous plaque of appreciation.  Thanks, Guys.