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The History of Charlie Benzinger | September 6th

Our newer members don’t realize what they missed by not being here when Charlie Benzinger was with us. He is one of the people that made our club one of the biggest in the southeast and the envy of all the clubs in Knoxville.  It was most entertaining to see the pictures and hear some of the things he had recorded and we are fortunate to have his daughter who plowed through it all and brought it to us. Both he and Janet’s mother, Joyce, believed in “giving back” and on a lot of Wednesdays they would be off to delivery something to someone.

He was always available to pick something up, work at a function or do whatever we needed at the time. He is sorely missed. As it has fallen Janet’s lot to try and sort through and find what’s important what is not she has made a list for the rest of us:  Tell your family where you have stored things, give someone a copy of your honorable discharge, if you plan to be buried in a military cemetery you must pre-register. Go do it! Tell someone in the family who you want to have your military artifacts and finally, record your stories either orally or in writing.  Thank you, Janet, you did a great job!


Housekeeping:  We had Joleen McCarty with UT Speech & Hearing, Nancy Brown, Janet’s sister and Senator Becky Massey was in attendance.  Mike Simpson read the prayer and Audrey Cowan led the pledge.  We had our first grid pick of the season and Caroline Grimm won!


Next Week:  Our speaker will be Jayson Swain, former UT star wide receiver and player for the Chicago Bears. At present, he is a local sportscaster.


 Tuesday, September 12th is the monthly board meeting at Chesapeake’s @ 6 pm.  All are welcome, Dutch treat.