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Janet Bigelow | Charlie Bezinger History Letters | Mar 28th

Janet Bigelow led us in a trip down memory lane from writings of her father, Charlie Bezinger who we all miss.  I, unfortunately got so caught up in listening I didn’t write enough of it down. I did get he graduated from high school in 1942 and they moved to Oak Ridge when he was 19.  He told about street cars and each one had a person who punched your ticket and they had a mail slot. The tracks going out Lyons View were the last to be removed, we determined buses could do the job better.

The Sertoma Center is hosting their annual Friendship Dinner on May 10. We had two tables last year and hoping for a repeat. Chris Blue, winner on the voice will be in attendance and did you know he is also a lay preacher?  See Rusty to get your name on the list.

Next week we will have Nathan Cunningham with the Boy Scouts and on April 11 Dr. Monica Crane will give us an update on Alzheimer’s.  For the record Jacob read the prayer and Aubrey led the pledge.

Happy Birthday

Terrell Kerr, Ashley Harkrider, Caroline Grimm