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Jimmy Hyams from WNML Sports Talk Radio

Jimmy Hyams | WNML Sports Radio | All Vols

Jimmy Hyams obviously had more than a passing interest in what’s happening in sports – mainly basketball and football. In giving our stats on players, I was amazed to hear about a six foot five and seven-footer coming to UT Knoxville!  One player he stated was “a little thin, due to the fact he was seven-foot-tall and only weighed a little over 200 pounds, I immediately determined I was not overweight but under tall. I didn’t get all the weights and measures, but Mr. Hyams seems to think we were in “pretty good shape” for the coming year.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

The Jimmy Hyams Golf Tournament is scheduled for June 7 and we are going to have a 4-person team playing. June 8th is Celebrate Sound and if the weather doesn’t cool off we’re going to have mostly virtual walkers – me being one of them.