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Justin Biggs 11th District | August 30th

One of Justin Biggs claims to fame, he got married on Good Morning America. He has decided to make the trustee’s office a career. Government service evidently runs in the family, his dad is chief deputy with the sheriff’s office. He has been with the trustee’s office for 12 years and collects not only our taxes but real and personal property taxes for businesses. They do all kinds of fun things with this money and by the way we get a new appraisal next year so we better be really good friends with Mr. Biggs. Don’t know if someone else is wanting the same job, we’ll have to wait and see.

A couple of people complained about having to pay city and county taxes; I did too when I lived in the city but gave it up and moved to the county. If that doesn’t work the next time it comes up, vote for a metro government.


Our own Dr. Asp shared with us his book has been translated into several different languages and that is just the beginning.  I think we already knew he was smarter than the average bear, this just proves it.

Next week: Janet Bigelow is going to share some information about her dad that she’s sure we don’t know. As he was a good and faithful Sertoman for many years and his birthday is in September this is timely.