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Kelsie Critenton – The Arc Knox County | August 9th

Kelsie Critenton, human resource and marketing for The Arc Knox County was formally with the March of Dimes.  We are familiar with the organization known as the Sunshine Center on Central Avenue Pike. Founded in 1953 they offer vocational training and services for people with intellectual disabilities in Knox County; safeguarding their rights and protecting their welfare.  Jobs consist of packaging, collating and simple assembly and persons are paid by the job or by the hour, or by the piece. One of their customers is Clinique and they package their makeup brushes that are sent all over the United States.  Transportation is the responsibility of the participant and could include public transportation.  They also maintain independent living residence with the goal to teach residents to live, shop and maintain their own house with all that entails to include shopping for food, cooking and cleaning. They also offer weekly activities; she made it sound so good I was ready to sign up.

Bert West, Ron Grimm, Mike Simpson, and Brett Grimm participated in a function to help the Helen Ross McNabb Center. Don’t know what it was but apparently a good time was had by all.

Next Week:  Sandra Clark will be our speaker. I believe our neighbors plan to join us also.  Sandra worked with my ex-husband at the Journal and they joined forces to purchase the Halls Shopper.  She finally got the money to buy him out and the rest is history. She and the Shopper are indirectly responsible for us being in the printing business.  Small world.

I stand corrected: you can teach and old dog a new trick! After my remark concerning not knowing who read the prayer or led the pledge, our President presented me with this information after the meeting.  Thank You!

Mike Simpson read the prayer and Ron Grimm led the pledge. We had one visitor, Bob Davis who was checking us out to see what we do different as he was from the South Knoxville club. Bert West got his feet wet as the new Sargent at Arms but nobody told me why Caroline bailed on us.


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