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Lee Freeman CEO of the Sertoma Center Knoxville

Lee Freeman | Sertoma Center CEO | Feb 28th

St. Patrick’s Day Dinner & Concert

Sunday, March 11, 2018 5:30 PM  At the Foundry

If you haven’t made a reservation you should do so, if you plan to eat. Marriane is making a list and checking it twice.

Lee Freeman appears to be an excellent choice for the job of CEO of the Sertoma Center. His first encounter was attending a Friendship Dinner and watching a video of “A Day in the Life”. He shared the video with us and pointed out this year’s Friendship Dinner was just around the corner and Hallerian Hill would be the MC.  He shared several things with us concerning the clients at the center; The cost for their services is competitive with hiring other day time temporary workers. If you have a need, at least give them a call.

Next week our speaker will be Tim Wheeler who is a long-time member of Sertoma (ours) moved uptown and the last I heard is with Bridges Funeral Home. I don’t know what office he is running for but I’m positive he will “Jump in with both feet”. Come and prepare to vote for one of our own.