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Maureen Willis – Choices of Healthcare | July 19th

I do hope someone realized I was not at the meeting. I understand the speaker was Maureen Willis and she spoke on “Choices of Healthcare”. I was off doing my part for the healthcare industry by having a stress test which totally stressed me out, took five hours and cost me $250.00! With Obamacare up for grabs her talk may have come in real handy. My niece who lives in Virginia and is self-employed pays $1000.00 a month premium for a family policy and has a $6000.00 deductible! But only the first two family members must pay it. I do hop Ms. Willis had some timely suggestions.

Report on the board meeting: I missed that also, it falls on the same day as another organization I’m involved in and they only meet once a month.  This one was held at the Titanic in Sevierville and if you have not gone to this you really must do so. They have done a fantastic job of recreating the interior of the ship and they have all kinds of information to pass along. This was my second trip and they have added information from my first visit. You receive a “boarding pass” as you enter with the name of an actual passenger and find out at the end if you survived.  They had many people that wanted to know what happened later so they investigated and now have a short history of them. I not only survived, I lived to be 96!

Back to the board meeting, they discussed a whole bunch of things but from the information I received they didn’t vote on anything.  Maybe next time.

On a sad note, William (Bill) Davis who joined the club in January of 1952 and later became an international president has passed away. He has not attended for some time due to illness however, he will be sadly missed.

Our speaker next week is Trae Hargis who is the Tennessee Secretary of State. He is being brought to us by Becky Massey and this would be an excellent meeting to bring a perspective member or just a neighbor you want to impress.