The Knoxville Downtown Sertoma Club

Service To Mankind

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Meeting 1-25-17

President Maryville CollegeThe good news is Rusty is out of the hospital and home. The bad news is he
is still not able to attend meetings. I think he’s milking it for all it’s
worth and wants flowers! Let us hope he’s back with us soon.

Dr. William “Tom”” Bogart was a hoot! He was very personable and had lots
of information about the college and what they are there for. We all knew
the college was there, but most could have cared less when compared to UT.
Seems they don’t compete, they actually swap students and what one can’t do
hopefully the other will be able too. All of the classes are taught by
professors and each student is expected to pass a comprehensive test their
senior year covering everything they have studies all year. They are
teaching students to perform jobs that have not been created yet.

Tom is the 11th. President and he says they are teaching
students to serve and improve lives of others when they leave college.
Students are expected to both attend classes and participate when in class.

There were no earth shattering announcements, Terrell Kerr prayed, Bob
Rentenbach led the pledge, Chris Kerr is getting his feet wet on leading
the meeting and doing a great job. We had a whopping total of 23
attendance. Fortunately, we had the Kawanis come in and join us for our

Next Tuesday, January 31 is the board meeting @ 6 p.m.

(who were left out because I forget to mention them), Allie Harmon,
Marianne Greene, Mike Simpson, Janet Bigelow, Ron Grimm & Becky Massey.

David Kerr Sr. and I believe our newest member Mr. West.