The Knoxville Downtown Sertoma Club

Service To Mankind

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Meeting 10-12-16

Our District Governor Larry Vaughn was our speaker this week and he says we are in the same boat as other civic clubs trying to get new members as some of the older members are either moving into nursing homes or going to heaven. He put most of the work onto our younger members as this is the age group we are looking for. Jacob Tippens is a great example as he brought a friend this week, if we could clone Jacob we would have the problem fixed in a couple of months.  Larry has been in Sertoma for 40 years and says the thing that inspired him was his opportunity to help other people; there is so much we can do as a group that an individual just does not have the funds or time to tackle. He brought a handout of Generational Differences in the Workplace that is most interesting.
Larry also brought with him a plaque for our own Dr. Carl Asp as he was selected as Sertoman of the Year for the district!  You just can’t keep a good man down! We are fortunate to have him with us!

Next week:  We will have the Ice Bears! Well, not all of them but we will have their general manager Mike Murray and their coach Mike Craigen. They are being brought to us by our own Chris Hoosier.

Announcements:  Terrell Kerr announced a Block Party on Oct. 20 at Northgate Terrace from 4:30 to 7:00pm. This is a fund-raiser for the Manor at Northgate Terrace. Cost is $10. And you get to eat, shop and play games.
The board meeting is postponed for next week and moved to the 25th.
We have raffle tickets for sale to attend a UT game but I failed to write down who we are playing but I bet we’ll have an opportunity to find out. I do remember they are only selling 300 tickets so your chances are good and the seats are in a good location. Check back next week for more details.
Marianne has scheduled the Madrigal Singers from South Doyle High School for December 14th. This is always a great time to bring guest.

Housekeeping: Bob Rentenbach prayed, Ron Grimm led the pledge and we didn’t have a grid pick winner as our “picker” was out of town!