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Meeting 10-19-16

We are still counting all the money raised from our Oktoberfest Fun and Fund Raiser to help our core causes: The Sertoma Center, UT Speech and Hearing and the Stockings From US!

Mike Murray, President/GM of the Knoxville Ice Bears was our speaker. He was introduced by Chris Hoosier our resident Hockey Player.. Mike Murray is from Sarnia, ONTARIO, Canada (Where Else?) He said you can shake a tree in Canada and a 100 hockey players will fall out! (14 out of 18 current Ice Bears come from Canada) Mike came to Knoxville after a Professional Hockey Career in the NHL that had him drafted as a 17yo by the New York Islanders and playing for the Philadelphia Flyers.

In 1992 he was called from his team in Europe to Play for the Knoxville Cherokees… just come for 20 games to help us win a championship. He just had one question… “Where is Knoxville”! Like most Sportsters who come to Knoxville they fall in love with the place and never leave! Great job Mike!

The first Ice Bears game is this Saturday Oct 22nd at the Knoxville Civic Coliseum @ 7:30pm. First opponent will be the “nasty” Roanoke Rail Yard Dogs! Go to a game! You’ll have a great time!

Next week: We will have current “and honest” Sheriff Joe Guy of McMinn County speaking on the Incredible “Battle of Athens”. It happened August 1, 1946 in Athens Tennessee. In 1946 Sheriffs Mansfield and Paul Cantrell had been stealing elections for years and the GI’s of Athens decided that they, “didn’t like that”. The McMinn County G.I.’s were fresh back from battles in France, Germany and Italy and were loaded with extensive military experience. They decided to put an end to the corruption. They placed a GI at each polling site and the Sheriff had them arrested when they demanded to see the boxes were empty to start the voting. This led to an uprising as the G.I.’s took matters into their own hands and attacked the McMinn County Jail.

Ya’all have to come Wednesday, Oct 26 to hear The Rest of the Story!

Announcements: The board meeting is postponed for next week and moved to Oct 25th at the 6pm @ The Foundry. Marianne has scheduled the Madrigal Singers from South Doyle High School for December 14th. This is always a great time to bring guest.

Housekeeping: Janet Bigelow prayed, Jacob Tippens led the pledge and Chris Kerr won the grid pick!