The Knoxville Downtown Sertoma Club

Service To Mankind

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Joe Guy Athens TN Sheriff

Meeting 10-28-16

Joe Guy spoke about the Battle of Athens and even though it was before his time he obviously had done his homework.  A group of returning soldiers got tired of the election being “rigged” and determined to do something about it.  Evidently there were several people that kinda liked things the way they were and per the pictures didn’t hesitate to show their displeasure.  The good guys won.

Report on the board meeting:  All the figures are not in to determine the outcome of Oktoberfest, hopefully we will get those soon. We talked about a service project and determined to do the Meals on Wheels again. If you didn’t participate the last time, I encourage you to come this time. Not hard to do and you meet a lot of nice people.  For a social we are considering a trip to see the Ice Bears. The next naturalization ceremony will be held Nov. 4th at 9, 11 and 1:30 at the downtown courthouse and I do hope I have the date right. Kudos go to Andy Libby who was in the hospital and left to attend the board meeting.

John Kerr donated tickets for a UT game, good seats.  $10 each or 3/$25. See John for all the details.

Next Week:  Allie Harmon is bringing his neighbor who just happens to be a professor of political science at UT, Tony Downs.

We will have a called board meeting after the meeting 11/02. You will need to stay an additional 10 minutes.

Housekeeping:  Jerry Faerber prayed, Bert West led the pledge. We had two visitors: David Kerr and Randy Webb both compliments of Chris Kerr. And Jacob Tippens won the grid pick.