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Meeting 11-16-16

Bob Rentenbach introduced our speaker, Father David from Sacred Heart Catholic Church. Anyone traveling on Northshore is aware of the building they are in the process of constructing and evidently it will be massive. Twenty-eight thousand feet to be exact. He stated people ask why they are spending all that money on a building rather than giving it to the poor. He said each year the church invests over six million dollars to the poor and they believe a beautiful building will bring more people to Christ. This, of course, is the goal.  He is originally from Cleveland but has been in Knoxville since 2010. We have been invited to attend a service anytime it is convenient.

Report on the board meeting:  Seems the meeting went over long (I was on a church trip and missed it) but the problem was in deciding the percentages we would be giving to our various charities. After much discussion, they decided on: Stockings from US 45.3%, UT Speech and Hearing 26.4% and the Sertoma Center 28.3%. We realized a net gain of $5148.from Oktoberfest. Stockings from US got the bigger piece of the pie as this is the only fund raiser that they participate in, whereas both UT Speech and Hearing and the Sertoma Center have other fund raisers to help them out during the year.  Both of my brothers were in service and away from home on Christmas (so was my ex-husband but we don’t count him) so I am of the opinion we can’t do enough. Jesus Christ and solders are the only ones who have offered to die for us. Per Rusty we all got an “atta boy”; every member bought a ticket and brought a brown bag item.

Next week:  We will not have a speaker and we are joining up with the Kiwanis to share their speaker. Come and have lunch if you want too or since it’s the day before Thanksgiving we won’t hold it against you if you don’t show up.  On November 30 Andy Libby is responsible for the speaker and hasn’t shared with me who he has or if he has one.

For the Record:  Julie Beeler from UT Speech and Hearing received the check Rusty presented. She said they appreciate what we do for them and it is making a difference in several students lives.