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Meeting 11-2-16

Our speaker, Tony Nownes, certainly left you with the impression he knew what he was talking about. He said the one question he gets the most often right now is “how in the Hell did we end up with these two candidates?”  I would be one of the people asking.  His opinion is we will end up with Hillary which may have made a couple of people in the room happy – at least two that I know of, but left the rest of us shaking our head.  There are a couple of states with early voting that if you change your mind after you have voted you can change it. I like that idea even though I’m happy with the way I voted. He stated voter fraud was not a problem but depending on the outcome we may go through the “hanging chad” one more time.

Next Week:  Rusty is bringing Lee Cotrell, an audiologist in Farragut.

We had a called board meeting to decide how much money to send to Stockings from US.  As we still don’t know exactly how much money we made on Oktoberfest we determined to send the same amount as last year and if we have more later we can always send another check.  She must buy, stuff and send now for the soldiers to receive by Christmas so we were “under the wire” to decide.  Andy assures us we made more this year but exact figures were not available. The next regular board meeting will be on November 15 if you want to come and find out the exact amount.

Housekeeping: Caroline Grimm prayed, Mike McKinney led the pledge, Jason Grahl won the grid pick and donated the money to Stockings from US. Tony Nownes brought his wife Elsa with him, our only visitor and Jason rearranged the tables and most liked it the new look.