The Knoxville Downtown Sertoma Club

Service To Mankind

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Meeting 11-9-16

Lee Cottrell, our speaker, gave us another reason to protect our hearing. It’s now been connected to dementia which as you get older we worry about more than dying of cancer.  He says fifth million people have a hearing loss, more men than women and the older you get the more of a problem it becomes.  Hearing affects the quality of your life and if you have a problem you tend to be more withdrawn and basically withdrawn from social gatherings and people.  He went to show us some of the improvements in hearing aids but the cost is expensive and a lot of insurance will not cover it.  He was most grateful for our loaner program.  We may be glad of it in the future also.

Board meeting, Tuesday, November 15 Chesapeake’s @ 6 pm

Next week:  Father David from Sacred Heart Cathedral will be out speaker. He is brought to us by Bob Rentenbach. After the nasty way people have acted over the election I think we can use a calm voice. The week of Thanksgiving we will not have a meeting.  Mark your calendars so you don’t show up to find out nobody is here.  The first week of December will be our annual Christmas program with the Doyle High School Madrigal Singers. This is always a highlight of the season and a good time to bring friends or perspective members (or both).

Record keeping:  Chris Kerr read our prayer, Allie Harmon led the pledge. Chris brought his wife Karen, Mike McKinney brought his wife Catherine, our representative from UT was Katie Faulkner, Associate Profession of Audiology and Brett Grimm brought a friend and brand new lawyer Patrick O’Neal.