The Knoxville Downtown Sertoma Club

Service To Mankind

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Meeting 2-1-17

Our speaker, Rodney Norvell, is with the Baptist Collegiate Ministry that  and caters to all faiths of students attending the University. Their main objective is to give students a place to come, meet other students, make friends and hopefully in the end lead them to Christ. They actually own their property, which is on Melrose Avenue and is the childhood home of Victor Ashe. As such they do  not have to “get approval” but the object of the game is to be a part of the program not a problem.  They work in the community to help out where needed and last year traveled to Baton Rough to help in disaster relief and most recently in Gatlinburg. They are getting on the job training on how to be good citizens.

Lots of good stuff coming up soon so get ready to roll up

your sleeves and join in:

February 16-18: Annual Convention in Kansas City.  Gives you an opportunity to check out the Headquarters where it all started.

March 12th  – St. Patrick’s Day Dinner & Concert

April 22nd – Celebrate Sound walk @ the Maryville Greenway

May 20th  – Biscuit Festival (It’s not written in stone that we will participate but just in case, get ready.)

June 25th – Return to Jerry’s lake house for the annual picnic and awards. The date is not written in stone but you’ll hear it from me if it gets changed.

November 9-12- The Regional Convention in Florida which is being coordinated with the return of the Blue Angels to home base.

During July, August, September and October your on your own to find something to do, we have done all we can!

Housekeeping:  Jerry Winston prayed, Bob Rentenbach led the pledge. Next week Marianne is getting the speaker and had a good one on the hook but was waiting for confirmation. Come Wednesday and see if she was successful.