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Meeting 2-29-17

We experienced another “no show” but someone came to the rescue with Lisa Skinner who took Joan Brown’s place at the Sertoma Center. For those not aware, Joan has retired. Lisa brought us up to date on what’s happening at the center and a picture of the duplex that is just one of many on the drawing board to house their clients. Seems the government doesn’t want people being put up in dormitory like housing, prefers them in separate homes. The building is a duplex and quite attractive. Don’t have a clue of the additional cost. Each house has 3 clients per side + a caregiver and they look nice; most neighborhoods wouldn’t have a problem with having one next door. The center is currently responsible for 125 people, 85 live in residential homes. Also, the powers that be, say all the clients must be “out in the community six hours a day. They attempt to get them employed with something they can do, the original win, win.

P.S. We will need to forgive our “no show”. He was required to be at church to participate in the Ash Wednesday service.

Next Week:  Caroline Grimm is bringing our speaker. Don’t have any information on who that will be but I’m sure he/she will be great!

Coming Up:  Board Meeting March 14th.

Don’t walk in silence April 22nd.

Friendship Dinner, Butch Jones speaker, May 4th.

Kenny Withers Golf Challenge May 19th

Annual Gala, Nights in Havana August 19t