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Meeting October 6th

Our Wednesday meeting featured Col David Beck brought to us by Terrell Kerr. He was one of those people you would like to sit down with a cup of coffee and talk to for a couple of hours.  Joined the Marines actually before graduating from college (UT) and said he always wanted to fly. They taught him how which gave him the opportunity to fly in combat missions. He eventually decided to further his education and went back to school and obtained a law degree. Evidently he was quite good at being a lawyer and was picked to defend or prosecute several high profile cases. He says he always falls back on what his father taught him; do the right thing and you know what that is. He stated he was also taught to seek first the kingdom of God. If he is willing I think it’s safe to say we would have him back again.

We met at the Southern Railway location, Marianne has done a great job with the building and for us persons growing up in Knoxville it’s a trip down memory lane. Next door to Marianne is a winery, didn’t know that, I need to get out more!


Next Week: Larry Vaugh will be here to tell us what is happening with Sertoma nationally, and how bright is our future. I believe he is the governor now and should have most of the answers.

On October 19 Chris Hoosier is bringing someone from the Ice Bears. I understand there are people who think of hockey the same way most of you men view football. Should be different and interesting.

On October 26 Mike McKinney is bringing the new clinical director at UT. Don’t have a name.


Record keeping:  Andy Schoerner prayed, Brett Grimm led the pledge, with a 2-way tie on grid pick  that the other person didn’t put their name on the slip  Ron Grimm got the money.