The Knoxville Downtown Sertoma Club

Service To Mankind

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Meeting September 28th 2016

Senator Becky Massey

According to Senator Massey the state of Tennessee is doing well and she is in a position to know. We have a state budget of 34 billion dollars (that’s way too many zeros for me) and they are required to balance the budget. We rank 8th for the strongest state, 2nd for roads (Texas ranked best). All is not good, we still have health problems, drug addiction, homeless and people on welfare but on a lighter note the Sertoma Center is doing well and continuing to grow with 31 residential locations and more being planned.

We had a brief pause to install our newest member Bert West. He is retired, lives across the street from Jerry Faerber, married to the same woman since ’77 and has three grown children. I think it’s safe to say he will be an asset to the club.

We also presented Dr. Carl Asp with the plaque that went along with his being chosen Sertoman of the Year.

Next week: We will have Col. Dave Beck brought to us by Terrell Kerr – we will be meeting at the Southern Railway.

The Kiwanis are again selling Christmas wreaths and would like to get your order. If he told the cost I missed it.

Oktoberfest is just 1 week away! Get those brown bag items in and get ready for a fun evening. Just think, you could go home with $5000 in your pocket and regardless you’ll go home with something!

Record keeping: Jason prayed, Becky led the pledge and Jim Thompson won the grid pick.