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Chris Kerr, Monica Crane MD, Jerry Winston

Monica Crane MD | Alzheimer’s | April 11th.

Our speaker last week was Dr. Monica K. Crane with Genesis Neuroscience Clinic. I was really hoping she would tell us how to avoid Alzheimer’s but alas that was not the case.  They (doctors) are learning more each day but I don’t think they will accomplish a cure in our life time.

This week (04/18) we will have Ashley Harkrider from UT Speech and Hearing to give us a report on what’s happening with the new building. She’s always a ray of sunshine so should be a not to be missed day.

Week of 04/25 we will have Pete Capell speaking on the Power of Play. I do believe as we age we forget to have fun, maybe if that’s your problem he can turn you around.

We had a number of guest last week, evidently it was bring your wife to a meeting: Jerry Faerber brought Peggy and daughter Kristen; Bert West brought Carolyn.  We could stand to have them every week!

Bert West presented Jerry Winston with a Eagle Scout Coin, don’t know the story on that, you’ll have to ask him.