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Morton Massey | The Big Year | October 5th

I had no idea bird watching was as involved or dedicated as it is. Morton Massey gave us a real education or where, when and how to do this. One of the best places is around sewage plants – who knew? Also, these people keep track of where they have seen what and call each other to report, at which point they jump in their cars and take off to places like Memphis? Memphis is not exactly next-door folks, you must be pretty determined to make that trip.  Morton has visited 95 counties this year. 87 state parks with 3200 different birds.  That’s dedication.

Next Week:  Bradley Reeves with Cinegraphic Archives and Preservation.  I think this will be another trip down memory lane.

Board Meeting: Tuesday at 6 pm. All are welcome, Dutch treat

It’s Here! Friday is the big day for Oktoberfest. Plan to see all of you there and we’ll each feel sorry for ourselves when we don’t win the $5000.


Mark your calendars: On the 18th we will meet at the Southern Railway.

Housekeeping:  Alan Stuckey read the prayer and Chris Hoosier led the pledge.