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Nancy Strange and Sertoma Okctoberfest 2019

Nancy Strange | Oktoberfest 2019 | Sept 11th

Oktoberfest 2019

Nancy Brenan Strange- Emmmaculate Conception Catholic Church -Singing guest today. We also heard from our own Brett Grimm about Oktoberfest coming up October 18th #Sertoma #KnoxSertomaClub #Oktoberfest #Oktoberfest2019

I’m not sure what I expected from our performer, but she was fantastic!  Bob Rentenbach didn’t tell us but I take it they have been long-tern friends and she did a great job. Hopefully Bob will bring her back at some point.

Brett did a great job of telling us what we needed to do to get ready for Oktoberfest 2019, what he expected from each of us, no threats as to what he was going to do if we didn’t follow though. This is our big fundraiser and if we are going to continue with funding these projects, we need money.  Our job, sell tickets, get brown bag items, get at least one auction item.  We can do it!