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Leonard Knight & Clif Goodgame | Neighborhood Nerds | May 2nd.

This week we were fortunate to have the Neighborhood Nerds as our speakers. This was compliment of our own Allie Harmon. These are his neighbors and not stepping on anyone’s toes, but Allie really needs them.

Their main function is to keep your computer running smoothly, however, it has branched out into things like lost dogs/cats, filling in on IRS and other scams (i.e. relative in jail, send money) and a host of other things they can take off your plate. They charge $65 a month and if you want to pay a year in advance you get 1 month free. They certainly appeared to know what they are talking about and just knowing who you can call would make a great difference in most people’s life.  Leonard Knight and Clif Goodgame were the two that visited us, however, I understand they recently hired 8 Apple employees. Got a problem, you cab find them on the web at

Next week:  Board meeting on Tuesday, May 8 at Chesapeak’s across from the Holiday Inn downtown @ 6 pm. All are welcome.

On Thursday, May 10 we will have the Friendship Dinner at the Quality Inn, again you get to go downtown. We have two tables and I think we have two open seats; if this is not the case, never fear we will find a place for you.

Housekeeping: Jacob Tippens read the prayer, Aubrey Cowen led the pledge.