The Knoxville Downtown Sertoma Club

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Buy Tickets to Oktoberfest

Sertoma Club Meeting | July 12th

I do hope everyone is fired up and trying to find a sponsor for our major fundraiser Oktoberfest. Brett did a great job of outlining what we had last year and what we need for this year. A major sponsor would do wonders for our bottom line and certainly relieve a lot of pressure. In the meantime, as he pointed out everyone purchased a ticket last year and hopefully will do so again this year.  We also brought one item for the brown bag items and hopefully donated one item for auction. It may seem like a lot of work but it’s only one time a year and we can rest for the remainder of the year. Of course, if anyone is game we can get a group together and attend Oktoberfest in Germany and see how they do it; we might get some pointers.

All things considered we’re in pretty good shape this year, we have some things that we use each year that will not have to be purchased, some vendors have agreed to maintain their price from last year and we’re becoming “old hats” at doing a lot of the things we had to work harder at the first year.  We still need help setting up and volunteering on the big night which is going to be on Friday, the 13th.  Maybe we’ll throw in a black cat for luck.

Announcements: There will be two Naturalization Ceremonies on Tuesday, July 18th at 9 am and 11 am. Anyone available to help would be welcome.

According to my calendar and nobody told me different, the board meeting will be Tuesday, July 18th 6 pm.