The Knoxville Downtown Sertoma Club

Service To Mankind

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South Doyle High School Madrigal Singers | Dec 13th

The Madrigal Singers, as always were great.  A comfort to know all the young people are not out buying dope and plotting to take over the world. They did a fantastic job and I believer all were glad they came. Rusty, Mike McKinney, Carl Asp, Mike Simpson, and Chris Kerr brought their wives. Simpson even brought our Sertoma in training, his daughter and Janet Bigelow brought her sister and her daughter. Room looked more like “the good ole days”.

Next week:  Mike Simpson has convinced our own Jimmy Duncan to come and speak with us. He is always a great person to have and gives us an insight to what is really going on in Washington. Hopefully with all the talk about the new tax plan he will still be able to attend.

After the meeting on the 20th we will not meet again until January 10, 2018!  Have a great Christmas and New Year and be careful — it’s a jungle out there.

Our very special Al Gill was recently in the hospital; I don’t know which one or for hour long or why, but I do understand he is back home and doing well.  I did miss him at the meeting, he’s one of the smiling, happy members who always has something nice to say or a joke to tell, wouldn’t be the same without him. Certainly, hope he’s on the road to recovery from whatever.

Report on the board meeting:  The search is on for a Service to Mankind person. If you know of someone who you think qualifies for this please pass on the information to a board member.

Also, Jerry Faerber wants to improve the Celebrate Sound and evidently has some ideas to do just that. You possible can tell from these remarks that I was not at the board meeting – I had a conflict and took the one that I thought would be the most fun.

Record keeping:  Simpson read the prayer, Rusty led the pledge, Jim Thompson won the grid pick.