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Rebecca Koszalinski | Speak for Myself | Aug 15th

Our speaker this week was Rebecca Koszalinski which is a lot easier to type than to say.  She developed a program for mainly hospitals but has applications other places called “Speak for Myself”.  It is most frustrating to be in a situation where you find it difficult to communicate what the problem is or what you want. I think it’s a great idea and will go far.  I spoke with her after the meeting and she said she has added a great deal to the program because of patient expressed wishes but feels there is too much on it at this time and needs to be “fine-tuned”.  She had added end of life suggestions and thought this might not be a good idea for everyone. It’s trial and error time but I’m sure it is making a lot of patients lives easier and the nurses too.

Report on the board meeting….  Mostly we talked about our Downtown Knoxville Oktoberfest and who was going to do what. I think it’s safe to say Caroline and Brett have paved the way and we are on our own.  At present we need you – the membership- to bring in auction items and brown bag stuff.  Marianne has agreed to store anything we bring in at her place, Carol and myself are going “scouting” for items on Saturday and we will bring them on Wednesday.  Auction items can be anything from jewelry to cookware. Get out there and hit Wal-Mart, Target, etc.

We also determined to sponsor a team to play golf for the 40th Annual for Boy Scouts.  Don’t have any details, if your interested ask Matt Hall.

The annual “Celebrate Sound” walk has been moved to Tyson Park to accommodate everyone who didn’t want to drive to Maryville. It will be on September9th and we expect BIG turnout. You can still walk on line and not have to leave home but if it’s not raining its kind of fun. Plan to join us.

Next week:  We have Elaina Steno with Second Harvest Food Bank.  Brought to us by Matt Hall.