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State Representative Rick Stables | September 20th

Don’t know what happened to our speaker from Children’s Hospital but Rick Stables certainly did an excellent job of taking her place. Mr. Stables is a state representative which covers a large portion of Knoxville and I take it he likes his job and the people he deals with.  He started as a security officer and moved up to the Sheriff’s office and at some point decided to throw his hat in the ring for state representative.  It certainly wasn’t because of the pay.

He said he was raised a Baptist and that has colored a lot of his thinking since he became an adult.  He believes everyone should be treated equally. He says a lot of growth is headed our way and we need to prepare for it.

Next week:  Mayor Burchette. Don’t know if he will pass along any exciting news but he’s always fun to listen too.  Bring a friend.

At some point this week we have a committee that will meet with a committee from the West Knoxville Club to entertain the idea of combining the two clubs. This would give us a boost and help then out also. I don’t know how many members they have but I do know we refused to change our meeting date and time so for all practical purpures for our side nothing changes. Let’s just hope all goes well.

Oktoberfest:  We have sold 190 tickets – we need to sell 300.  We are in better shape than in years past but as this is our only fund raiser we need to get on the ball and make some money!  We are in the home stretch!