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Lisa Nichols with Stockings from US Knoxville

Lisa Nichols | Stockings from US | Jan 23rd

Lisa Nichols with Stockings from US was our speaker this week and brought us up to date on how many stockings were mailed. We presented her with a check from our Downtown Sertoma Club Oktoberfest Fundraiser She was very pleased and grateful and even though this started out as a labor of love while her son was stationed overseas, it has continued after his return home. She said there are men and women over there that this is the only present they will receive. Living in the land of plenty it is hard for us to conceive of that. Hopefully with our contribution she can continue.  This year she had a total of 46 boxes and over a thousand stockings. My group filled stockings and then packed them in boxes ready to go. Lisa has this down to a fine art and it goes fast, and you leave with a feeling of having accomplished something worthwhile. Plan to join us next year!  She gets donations from other sources including her employer Coulter & Justice; and donated items for the stockings.  She said picking the items has been trial and error but now can just about do it in her sleep. It makes you feel good that you might have brightened someone’s day.

Next week:  Do you know what CBD Oil is? It comes from hemp; does that mean you smoke it, eat it, what? Is it legal? Do I want to??? All of our questions will be answered by Courtney on Wednesday and if she brings samples we may leave in a really good mood.

Our first grid pick was won by none other than Jacob Tippens.  If you went to the races with us, you already know he is good at gambling.

The Sertoma Friendship Dinner has been scheduled for April 16 at the Hilton.  Mark your calendars; Sertoma tries to have two tables.

Happy Birthday! January: Allie Harmon, Marianne Green, Ron Grimm, Becky Massey, Mike Simpson & Janet Bigelow.

February:  Matt Hall