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Tim Richardson | Motivational Speaker | Nov 8th

Tim Richardson,  our speaker last week, was born with a silver spoon in his mouth.  He was smart, learned easily, had lots of friends and evidently didn’t have to worry where his next meal was coming from. Life was good, then he experienced a “meltdown”.  This happened several times before he was finally diagnosed with ADHD.  He says it is therapeutic to share and we all have aspects of our life that are blocks to what we can accomplish. I found him to be most interesting, sorry if you missed him. He brought his wife with him and they have six children. Don’t hear of that anymore, I’m jealous.  He talked about friendship and how problems arise and we just let them linger; he said to go to the person, apologize but don’t make excuses.

Mark your calendars and invite a friend or bring your office staff (only $12. Each) for our Christmas program of the Madrigal Singers from South High School.  December 13 at our regular time.

Next Week:  We will hear from Brett Grimm on how our one big fund raiser did and how we can do better.  All I know at this point is we didn’t bring enough brown bag items and Caroline had to use her own money to go out and buy some things. I think we are bad to put off to the last minute and then totally forget. At least that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

Speaking of next week, the board meeting is Tuesday, November 14 and all are invited. Dutch treat on the food but the conversation is lively.

Housekeeping:  Bob Rentenbach read the prayer and Navy Lt. Allie Harmon led the pledge.  Brittney Grayless represented UT Speech and Hearing, Dan Rowels attended as a friend of the speaker and the big news Jason Grahl with 10 out of 10 won the grid pick and donated the money to Caroline!