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Tom Baker| October 10th

Allie Harmon brought us Tom Baker who he became acquainted with when Tom was growing up. Seems he knew not only his parents but also grandparents.  He was an excellent speaker who has written a book about his dog!  I bought the book as a devoted dog lover but in a nutshell, Tom went through a rough time as we all do occasionally. He says his wife tried to help him to no avail, but the dog named Mango made all the difference.  Tom’s business was failing and in trying to keep it afloat he made the decision to pay his employees who were also his friends and not pay IRS.  Not a good idea.  I understand they get real mean quick. From bad to worse he said he couldn’t sleep, eat or carry on a conversation and then he started watching the dog. Dog is God spelled backward and the only animal that loves you more than themselves.  He concluded life is an adventure and blessings are everywhere. Live for now, let tomorrow take care of itself. He still has the business but a better outlook on life and a payment plan for IRS.

Oktoberfest is almost here! We are meeting at 6 pm on Thursday, October 18 to get the room set up, package brown bag items and do whatever Marianne needs us to do. We would love to have you join us.